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FRANCE – Hi, my name is Gregory JC Granier from France.  I am a two-time top scoring speaker at the JT Foxx global events consecutively; in South Africa and Los Angeles, USA.   Not only I am a speaker and speaker coach specializing in teaching prospective speakers how to guarantee success through stage seduction.  I believe in giving people value whilst making them laugh.  I am the number 1 speaker and speaker coach in the making.

Early life of Greg JC Granier 

I was introduced to performing in front of people at the age of 11 or 12 in a school play in the small village that I grew up in.  After the performance, the theatre teacher immediately took me in to start theatre lessons with the high school boys which were three years older than me.  This was the beginning of my performance career.

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Entertainment industry career

At 20 years old I went to Paris France to become a comedian. 13 years later  I have over 1200 stand-up comedy shows under my belt.  At 33 years old I occupied all the positions in show business.  I started in Disney shows, I have done classical theatre, I have done modelling work, I have done voice overs and have acted on TV.  I also have done work behind the camera and off stage.  I have written and produced my own shows. I founded my own theatre and I have been an artistic director and an artistic coach as well.  I have extensive hands-on experience of basically the entire entertainment industry.

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Entrepreneurship within the entertainment industry

I started my company and was CEO of it.  I bought my own theatre, had 15 employees, 60 collaborations and performed every night.  My show “The Parody of Seduction” ran successfully for as long as I owned the theatre.  I enjoyed huge success within the entertainment industry.

A change from the stage

In 2012 I suffered a personal trauma where I lost my girlfriend.  I decided I needed to take a break.  I sold the theatre and moved to Amsterdam to clear my head.  I entered the corporate world and went into marketing where I worked for the biggest brands, including Nike.  As with the success I enjoyed in my previous career, I ensured that I did the work I needed to do in order to be successful within the corporate world.

Speaking career

I attended a JT Foxx event in 2017.  I was seduced by JT Foxx and in May 17th 2017 I attended my first JT Foxx Dream Team event.  The coaches at the Dream Team were phenomenal and gave me ideas on how I can monetize all my talents.  I ensured that I got coaching, as we all know, the most successful people in the work have a number of coaches and as one of them I ensured that I got the coaching that I needed in order to monetize the talents and skills I have gathered along the years.

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Greg – the seduction speaker coach

My goal is to be the best speaker stage coach in the world.  I am unique in the way that I have innovatively applied my years of experience and talents within the entertainment industry to the industry of public speaking.  I utilize the best stage techniques from the best entertainers in the world to speak at events and I am coaching these skills to the world.  I take techniques from magicians, (optical illusionists), and hypnotherapists or stage hypnosis to teach my speaker clients how to mentally prepare their audience to best receive their message.    I use seduction, sex symbolism, and draw from stand up comedians and singers who know how to captivate their audience.

I believe my coaching is applicable to everyone.  As long as there is one person talking and one person listening, that is a performance.  If there is one person standing and talking and the other sitting and listening, that is a stage.  My coaching can be applied to corporate presentations, interview skills and communicating with potential business partners to close deals for entrepreneurs.

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Most importantly, I know what speakers do wrong.  I give my clients a list of failure points that speakers traditionally do.  What I have noticed is some so-called speakers give these failure points as success points.  An example is “do not learn your presentation word for word and slide by slide; just be yourself.”  This is absolute nonsense.  Imagine you are speaking for the first time, you have had to organize a venue, you have to ensure the sound is working, there are so many things on your mind that NOT knowing your presentation word for word is more likely to throw you off than assist you in keeping control of the audience.  For a week long seminar, sure, it’s not logical to memorize your presentation but for a 30 minute presentation or talk, of cause you can! 

The human brain can memorize every single work of an encyclopaedia at the age of 90 years old. So again, 30 minute presentation?!  Also, we use 100% of our brains all the time.  This outdated notion that we only use 10% – 15% is incorrect.  We absorb and process 10% – 15% of what we get through our senses in order to be able to perceive things like depth.  Otherwise we would hear, see and smell EVERYTHING at the same time. The 10% to 15% is the amount we require in order to function and focus – our brains are meant to be selective in what they process.

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Speaker coach success

I have a website ( where within the first few weeks I have clients in 4 continents. My website shows testimonials that my techniques work and give people the success they want.

Products and services

I offer webinars and online workshops where I coach people in these four main sectors;

  1. Business coaching
  2. Stage coaching
  3. Artistic coaching
  4. Life coaching

To give some details on the life coaching, I teach people the psychological skills we all need in this life which include seduction, storytelling techniques, influence or manipulation techniques and lie detecting.

Now I have 2 programs:

Super Stage (workshop in 3 parts: 1: Super Story Telling, 2: Super Creation 3: Super Delivery.


Super Seduction (Part 1: The tale of the sexyllionaire, Part 2: Body language and personality profiling, Part 3: Advance series about influence, manipulation and Lie detection

I offer creative content for websites and presentations.  I do my own websites, I have about 9 websites at the moment which I created myself.  I have a geek streak in me and I enjoy coding and graphic design.  As an entrepreneur I believe in delegating everything except the genius.  I believe in connecting the dots in a business and hence why I have learnt coding, graphic design and marketing and branding.

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Greg’s 2019

This is year I am privileged with time and freedom (not MONEY) to be able to do what I want to do.  In addition to serving my clients which I can do anytime and from anywhere in the world through automation, I have the following personal projects for this year.

  • I have a deal with the Heart of Hollywood motion picture company this year as an artistic consultant.  I will be working behind the camera in movies and with the Hollywood celebrities. 
  • A movie project and will be participating at the Cannes Film Festival in May
  • I am working with the network marketing companies to help them use seduction, influence and social magnetism skills to turn their leads into clients.
  • Also, two TV projects that are opportunities for investors who are interested in the entertainment industry
  • I will launch a cinema and film investment platform
  • We will launch with Heart Of Hollywood the “HoH Cinema” streaming platform and are looking for content.
  • I am excited to create “My Success Stories” which will show the results of my programs.  Already testimonies are coming in fast and I am excited at the change that I am making in people’s lives across the world.


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In conclusion

In addition to all these business goals I have for myself this year, I have decided that 2019 is Greg’s year of love.  I am enjoying success in my businesses however I have been rather unhappy in my personal life. As in business, the same things cause failures as in relationships.  I’ve found that the lack of confidence, amplified by the images of beauty that are on the media cause people to lack self-confidence.  We need to kill the filters that we have that result in us as people projecting images of ourselves which are not true.  We need to be authentic and honest.


The world of seduction is beautiful and applicable in all areas of life.  It takes us back to when we are children and full of wonder.  It gives us that rush of adrenaline and butterflies in the stomach.  Seduction is also in constant use in our lives, every advert is an act of seducing us to buy a certain product or service.

For the readers of this magazine I offer a teaser to the art of seduction; for males, it is active seduction requiring action in the side of the male.  On  the female side of things, it is passive.  The female’s seduction is to give space and signals whilst the male must interpret these signals and act accordingly. 

I encourage people to talk to 5 new people every day.  If you do it, you may be embarrassed for a minute, if you don’t do it… You will be embarrassed for life.

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