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Hi I’m Mark Pancis, born and raised in Schwechat, Austria.  I moved to Vienna four years ago when I was 18 years old. Currently, I’m a film producer and actor;  own 4 businesses as well as model.  My  journey has had many ups and downs.  It all started with a decision. In this article, I will share with you some of the biggest lessons that make me the man I am today.  I’m really blessed to go from Austria to Hollywood.

One of the reasons I went to the JT Foxx event, Mega Success in November 2018 was to make an impact and share my vision with the world. I shared the stage with Hollywood A-List Celebrities such as Michael Douglas, Brooke Shields, Dr. Phil, Jessica Simpson, Mel Gibson and many more.  Not only that, I interviewed Charlie Sheen about my passion and purpose which is film production and acting. 


Mark, Are You Sure?

When I was 17 years old I made a decision to take my life into my hands. I decided to not finish school.  So I don’t have a degree or any formal education.

Was I sure of this?  I knew I wanted to have a successful business and make a positive impact on the world.  And, that a 9-to-5 job wasn’t for me.

At no point could I imagine living a life of constantly being told what to do by someone else; not having my life in my own hands.   The longest I was ever employed was for three months as a barman.  It’s a long time ago, an experience that showed me who I am.  A guy who’s willing to be an independent thinker with a fire in my belly.

Even my parents used to say; “Mark you always do what you want”.  Which is true, that is how humans should live.

I started out in network marketing selling nutrition, health and energy drinks.  It didn’t pay a lot of money but I did learn a lot.  I will explain more about personal development in a bit.  For now, I want to mention that there were challenges in my family that contributed to me not finishing school.  And that leaving was a spontaneous decision.  I didn’t have a plan.  All I had was the desire and drive to be someone in life.

Mark Pancis Co-founder & CEO of Orevida – Online Marketing Agency

Learn from the best!

I may not have a formal education but I always believe in constant personal development.  From reading really great books, audios, having mentors, attending events; to now being coached by JT Foxx, the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach.  But it didn’t just happen simply like that.  To have a business is one thing, but to stay an entrepreneur is really tough.

Years before, being in network marketing opened opportunities for me. I was invited to a huge conference in America where I met Bob Proctor, Eric Thomas and Gary Vee.  After a while I started my property business which has sustained me over the last three years.  It is fully automated now so I don’t have to spend too much time on it. 

In 2015 I started investing into crypto currency and that has opened many doors for me. Such as traveling all around the world and meeting successful people. 

I have done trading and met experienced traders in the stock market who taught me a lot.  That also had it’s ups and downs.  I made a ton of money and lost a lot of it too.

Currently, I have an online marketing agency where we help business owners and influencers grow their brand; especially on Instagram.  It doesn’t matter what kind of niche you want to target or which part of world, we help you reach your clients.

I am also working on two new big projects in film production and acting.

Mark Pancis – Model

Sometimes You Win…

Sometimes you lose.  We don’t always win in life and business.  There were times when I had to  share food with my friends because I wasn’t making any money.  But instead of thinking too much about it, I just tried something else.

I think that’s another reason why I win, because I am naive and I try everything.  I’m really not a skeptical guy. So I did a lot of things, some worked and others didn’t.  Life is like that, how will you know something will be a success or not if you don’t try?

The losses made me who I am today.  That is why I am grateful for every bad experience in my past because I learned a lot.

There are people who misguide others and make entrepreneurship look simple.  Really it is not, you have to go through a number hardships and there are times that I don’t wish that on anyone.  Unfortunately it’s not everyone.  You have to be really badass to make it.

I am still on my journey, I am not at the point where I have the ultimate financial freedom and legacy.

You need to push yourself to be motivated, if you need someone else for that then you will fail.  Motivation must come from you every single day.

Business Vs Fun

Being an entrepreneur does require high levels of discipline but also make time for fun.  There was a time in my life when I felt guilty for either watching television or partying.  I knew that while I wasting time, other people were working hard. 

After a while I realized that it all comes down to being yourself and living an authentic lifestyle.  Yes, we must focus on business but also live, because life is short, we don’t know what tomorrow holds.  Authenticity is everything to me and it’s how I brand myself as well.  I am the same person, whether I am talking to JT Foxx, my mother or my best friend.

Be open to good and bad experiences; business and fun, you know? Now I travel around the world for fun, see amazing places and meet new people.

Authenticity & Relationships

For me, it’s about authenticity, being true to who you are really at all times.  There was a time in life that I used to want impress people so they like me.  Then I realized it doesn’t matter if you are yourself.  You don’t have to try hard or listen to other people’s opinion of you.

There are five people who are my coaches right now, like JT Foxx and others. I seek their advise and trust their opinion because I trust they are looking out for me.  Unlike people who only tell you things just so they can get something from you.

Relationships are very important, in life and business.  We need good people around us. The thing is people connect better with you when you are genuinely open minded and interested in them.

Smile and laugh with people, put yourself in their shoes and add value to them.  Don’t always be looking out for your benefit.

For instance, right now I have a project that needs a new partner/ investor. I expose myself to environments with people who have money to invest, like Mega Success event.  Or I’d go to a local rooftop bar and hang round with a friend, see who’s around and spark interesting conversations.  It doesn’t have to be forced, don’t overthink it.

Mark Pancis Media Features

My closing words

I struggled a lot in the last year because I didn’t know what to do next.  There were too many opportunities in different industries and I wasn’t sure what to say Yes to.  Mostly because I was missing my purpose.

Then I went back to when I was 4 years old and remembered how much I loved acting and making movies.  My passion is making an impact on the world through a relevant message. And the best way for me to do that is through film production and acting.

Whether I am watching a movie or series, the most important thing for me is the message.  If it’s really good I will pull out my notebook and start taking notes because I am so inspired and get ideas.

You will not find your purpose if you don’t find your passion.  Most people say you should know why  you are here, but how can you when you don’t know what drives you.

My final message to you is, figure out your passion and you will know what your purpose is.

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