Why A Man with No Money must stay Single

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA – Hi there, my name is Langzo Tanor. I am a young aspiring writer, actor and producer.  I currently live in Kwa-Mashu, a Township in the northern outskirts of Durban, South Africa. Professionally, I an Actor & Singer.  Have worked on South Africa’s most watched shows UZALO, with Stained Glass. As well as for BOMB PRODUCTION for ISITHEMBISO.

Why A Man with No Money must stay Single

This is a very sensitive topic to me, but from man to man; I don’t believe a man should involve himself in a relationship, with no source of income.

It may sound harsh and insensitive, but it’s for your own good. Being involved in a new relationship whilst struggling financially exposes a man as powerless and weak.

In naturalism males were created to lead, provide and protect.  Females were created to nurture, be companions and home makers.

Solution; Work on Yourself First

A man with no source of income, I personally feel that you’re going through a rough patch. Use this time to develop yourself. Be it physically, intellectually, spiritually or otherwise.

Struggling financially is the best period to advance yourself as a man and know yourself better. Find a job, be creative about it. Choose a kind of a job that can propel you closer to your dream career or business idea.  You could be a body builder whilst saving to open your own gym club. Start extra classes for high school senior scholars and have money to fund your idea.  Or, be a waiter and eventually open your own restaurant. The list is endless.

Passive income is important because it pays the bills. How will you take care of yourself without any source of income? How would you cover the bill when you take your woman out?

Women love to be spoilt unexpectedly with little surprises. How will you buy her a gift for her birthday and for no special reason?  A little something to say thank you to the woman in your life.

It’s Bad For You!

In most cases the men with no income end up being sensitive and takes things personally. This can lead to so many issues like being demanding or abusive and others. Why? I believe, it’s mainly because he’s failing to provide as a man.

Rather than involving yourself as in a relationship, ask yourself what is it that you’re bringing on the table? There is a quote that says, “True love is giving and selfish love is receiving”.

Introspect, see if you’re ready or not

Does love have boundaries? What happened to unconditional love? Reality is unemployment rate is sky rocketing and so as bills! For a man to add another responsibility for instance a new relationship whilst struggling financially is not a wise decision.

Yes, some males become broke already in a steady relationship and that can probe another different topic for another day.

We can question and offer our views but at the end of the day, a relationship is between two people. If these two individuals are happy and agree upon starting the relationship regardless of the male partner being jobless, it is their decision and rightful choice.

Maybe starting a new relationship can stimulate the man to hustle even more. A new relationship can make a man look for even better job opportunities. This is because the main purpose of a man is to provide and protect the woman in his life.

What do you think?

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