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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA – Out of respect for their immense value, I spell Veteran with a capital “V” with any written correspondence or publication. Allow me to explain. I spent 25 years, 4 months, and 23 days in the United States Army. A large portion of my early years in the Army were spent as a Human Resources Manager providing administrative solutions.

Opting to become a Career Counselor in my tenth year of service, I spent the majority of my career helping military members find the right career fit. So, upon retiring from the military, my desire to help Veterans came naturally.

Members of the military are loyal, long-term, dedicated, dependable, coached, mentored, tested, and screened. They comprise less than one percent of the American population and make great fits for organizations looking to get the job done. In a results-driven world, Veterans are up for the challenge of meeting, and even exceeding expectations.

Veterans Do More, Quicker & More Efficiently

In my experience with Veterans of the American military, I learned that Veterans embody certain principles.  Their work ethic is cultivated over extensive periods of immense challenges and testing that do not usually come in the typical private corporate venue. Here are a few examples:

  • Veterans are cool headed under pressure.

From the moment of entry into the military training phase, service members are placed under enormous amounts of pressure and testing in efforts to build endurance and surface resilience. The ones who are most resilient are the ones who earn the pleasure of moving along through the selection process.

  • Veterans possess leadership experience and wisdom well beyond their years.

Oftentimes, leaders in the corporate sector would be well into their forties before acquiring the leadership knowledge, insight, and acumen of a 27-year-old military leader who will most likely have led hundreds of men and women by that age. In fact, the problems many corporate executives face are small compared to the job demands military leaders navigate daily. I am of the opinion that a Veteran could solve a months-long problem on a Tuesday morning. And after that problem gets solved, the question would then become, “What will we do with the Veteran after lunch?” 

  • Veterans know and navigate work-life choices.

A lot of people spend their lives trying to find balance when what they should be seeking is fulfillment. Veterans who spent a large amount of time in the military were taught the importance of multi-tasking from the very first day. They know firsthand that life is about choices more than it is about balance. So, in serving, they had a lot of practice making choices that would bring the most fulfillment to the lives of the communities they served and the families they raise.

Derek Eurales Jr. Photo taken in Anaheim, Los Angeles


What Employers Want but Don’t Tell You

In its simplest form, employers want their employees to do two things:

a) solve problems

b) treat the company as if it were their own.

I learned from JT Foxx, the world’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach, that in order to be successful in business, a person must “Stop talking about it and get it done.” The best employees, staff members, and executives are the ones who remain constant in activities that build upon the successes of the team. Not only do they identify problems, but they also create solutions.

One could learn a lot from observing the work ethic of the Veteran. Over the course of a lengthy career in the military; Veterans were given multiple leadership development opportunities that allowed them to practice their skills and positively impact the lives of the individuals following them. In a short time, they develop a certain level of mental toughness and thick-skinned tenacity necessary to practically complete any task given.

Because their advancement in the military relied on strict adherence to a set of established guidelines, they thrived on meeting the challenges of precision in the accomplishment of their mission.

This does not mean, however, that Veterans are robotic or one-dimensional. Quite the opposite is the case, as most Veterans are multi-faceted professionals willing to go beyond expectations to accomplish the set goals of their organization. They have developed  intrapreneurial qualities that lead to self-starting motivation. Employers love it when their employees take ownership and pride in producing the best possible results.

Derek Eurales Jr. Photo taken in Atlanta, USA


How To Hire & Build Teams Like Vets

The true mark of leaders can be seen in several ways. Throughout the course of my 25-year career leading others in the U.S. Army, I learned principles that will remain with me throughout life, and are best characterized in the acrostic “LDRSHIP:”

  • Loyalty

Bearing true faith and allegiance to the ones who choose to work toward the same objectives, loyalty requires that a person does his or her share of the work without trying to push those responsibilities onto others.

  • Duty

Fulfilling one’s obligations goes to how well a person can operate as a member of a team.

  • Respect

Treating others with dignity is a hallmark of what service members believe and stand by. The mission is accomplished behind the belief that every member of the team can make valuable contributions to the goals of the organization.

  • Selfless Service

Veterans have placed the needs of their nation and its citizens above their own needs for centuries. They face challenges head-on and dig deeply within themselves to find ways of helping the team complete its goals.

  • Honor

Veterans live out the values that make any team successful. They make daily commitments to not seek their own satisfaction, but to honorably carry out the values of whatever team they are part of.

  • Integrity

A sad reality is that a lot of people who tout integrity as one of their top qualities are deficient in that quality. Veterans of the military, however, are more inclined to demonstrate integrity rather than talk about it.

  • Personal courage

Veterans stand up for what is right regardless of the consequences. Whether it is a matter of morality or physicality, members of the military have been trained to endure hardships for the sake of accomplishing the mission and ensuring the welfare of the team.

In a world where disappointment is common place in work environments, Veterans bring a fresh perspective in trustworthy service to the goals of any organization. This cultivated skill-set would prove invaluable for any company looking to meet its goals.

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In Closing

Imagine your business was operating in the best possible way and all of your goals were being met every time you set them. How would it feel to finally have the freedom to work ON your business and not just IN your business? Hiring from a pool of select qualified Veterans would get that done for you. 

Your business will be meeting all of its goals every time. Working as a member of any military involves a complex mix of missions, tasks, responsibilities, and achievements in continuous succession and motion. These things are not always easily explainable, but it is a wonderful sight to see when plans come together as workable solutions. To find out more about how you can help your organization meet its goals every time, BET ON A VET and contact us at

About Derek:

International Speaker, Bestselling Author, Veteran, and Entrepreneur, DEREK E. EURALES, JR., retired from a 25-year career in the United States Army as a Career Counselor and three-tour Iraq War Veteran. With more than 6,000 military career placements, he created a successful business, SelectVetTM, helping Veterans find careers that are high compatibility, high satisfaction, high salaried, and highly upward-mobile. He became a coaching client of the World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach, JT Foxx, in 2017 and quickly scaled his business to success.

In February 2018, Derek presented his ideas to an audience of 1,800 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was thereafter offered a role to become Mr. Foxx’s Chief of Staff. He now travels the world coaching other speakers and helping business owners and entrepreneurs with his unique methods for branding and marketing. He remains committed to supporting Veterans inside and outside his community and is “Powered By Your Success.”

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