Doing Business with Women

Ten years of sitting in the chair of General Director of a renowned multinational Advertising agency, I have come across all sorts of employees throughout my long career. I vouch for the efficiency, productivity, and competence of a female present in the workspace. That is, of course, not to imply that a male employee cannot be of the same expertise. However, I am only highlighting the role of a female in the workspace, especially at a time when women fight for their rights to stand out in male-dominated industries.

Working with Women is a Learning Process

The Advertising field is a warzone. Managing logistics, deadlines, production, client briefs; things get crazy!  Time management and competitive awareness are integral to the success of a campaign, and it takes some tough cookies to get through one long day of working in the field. In all my years of experience with work and people; I have reached the personal conclusion that doing business with a woman is both a learning and productive process.

“Never Give up” is their motto. On countless occasions, I have seen women in our agency protest to a team’s decision to give up on a brief or an idea because of implementation difficulties. I once had a creative executive, Lynda, who managed to win us a pitch with one of the biggest soft drink brands in the region. In one moment of courage, she stepped out of the presentation and pitched an entire activation plan that the team had not agreed on, but she saw that we were losing the pitch and she was determined to save it. And she did.

A woman in the workspace is an empowered and determined entity working her way against the social pressure that deems her elsewhere. Her very presence in a restless industry is proof of her willpower to climb the ladder. Again, this is not to deny men their strength of will and achievement. However, men are already under social pressure to climb the ladder and constantly produce, provide, and succeed. Working with women taught me not to give in to social norms and not to fall under social pressure. Most of all, they taught me to never give up.


Women’s Have Strong Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills

Women have great communication skills; mainly because of their ability to detect the emotional response of the person in front of them. Women are more emotionally intelligent than men, and so, they know how to maneuver and manage the emotions of others.

Moreover, a working woman has astounding social intelligence. They are attentive listeners, and they know how to tactfully phrase their orders and requests. Their attentive nature gives them the strength to quickly analyze and pick up on what the other person is implicitly saying.

Work Like a Woman!

The world has been shaming men for “hitting like a girl” and “throwing like a girl”; phrases that were once commonly used to imply weakness and inability. Today, in a world where women are breaking through barriers; I say get rid of all these misconceptions which deem women powerless. 

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