Sydney Scott Sam, branding Africa, successfully

GHANA – Sydney Scott Sam is one of Ghana’s leading brand strategists and public speaker. He is considered a change-maker and recently honored by Forbes Africa 30 under 30,  as a list maker for 2019. The 26-year-old entrepreneur is committed to transforming narratives about Africa through his brand engagement firm Workspace Global.

Sydney, Branding Africa

As a person who risked his own money to establish a profit-generating enterprise, Sydney has a strong social impact and creates employment opportunities for Africa.

Sam is an alumnus of Achimota School and the University of Ghana [B.Sc/MBA].  He started the business in 2015 and successfully provides entrepreneurs with access to high-quality branding that makes them globally competitive.

Workspace Global’s extensive client list includes the World Bank, UNICEF, GNPC, and Tullow, but Sydney’s true passion is for creating opportunities that allow African entrepreneurs to thrive.

“Our goal at Workspace is to increase the value of the African product. The world is extremely demanding in terms of quality and presentation, and we level that playing field by helping entrepreneurs tell their stories so they can price more competitively and have greater access to the rest of the world.

We have worked with homegrown brands like April Rust and Teiva Skincare to develop brand identities that make them globally competitive, and continue to look out for opportunities to collaborate with African entrepreneurs that are seeking entry into global markets.”

Growing Strong

His commitment to growing people and businesses extends beyond the Workspace brand to his role as curator of Openspace. It’s a discussion series that brings young adults together to discuss social issues, entrepreneurship, and mental health. In just over a year, Openspace has connected with over 700 people through events in and outside of Ghana.

Sydney believes that his nomination to Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 list will open up the continent to him and to Workspace;

“We want to take the impact of Workspace beyond Ghana. Africa is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, but those opportunities are not always readily available to other Africans. This nomination opens up new doors for me and for my business;

We’re looking to enter new markets in the next few years; Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya. This experience has already introduced me to so many young leaders and visionaries across the continent, and we’re already discussing potential collaborations across countries and sectors.”

Sydney joins a list of Ghanaian Forbes 30 under 30 alumni that include entrepreneur and investor Sangu Delle, rapper Sarkodie, Fred Apaloo of Villa Grace and Kofi Genfi & Nii Osae Osae Dade of CYST.

5 Business Lessons from Sydney

1. Vision Boarding

I developed the habit of visualizing my goals, framing them and putting them up on the wall where I can see them and refer to them every day. I have realized that the law of attraction does work and your subconscious draws you to the things you ultimately want for yourself and your business. It’s not too hard to do; print out or cut out images of your goals from magazines and stick them all together on cardboard. Otherwise, you can use to create yours. 

2. Have a Growth Mindset

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” ( Dweck, 2015) || This is a mindset that has defined the way I approach work, opportunities and even challenges. I studied Human Resource Management at University; I committed to learning Design, Photography, Web Design, and my other creative skills. This has helped me excel in my business.

3. Pursue Mastery

In today’s world, a lot of knowledge and skills are readily available to be learned online. However, mastery is what sets you apart and makes you sought after. Some believe it takes 6-10 years to achieve mastery. I believe the pursuit of mastery in itself is good enough to keep you constantly growing and seeking learning opportunities to dominate your field. 

4. Surrender to a Higher Power 

It took me a long time to realize that the point of living was not just to work, but to serve a purpose higher than yourself and seek happiness. It may seem a little counter-intuitive as a business person to work through your career using a religious/spiritual compass. However, it was only when I submitted to this dogma where I accepted that my work was to serve a greater being and a greater purpose, I started to strive for more than money or organizational success. Interestingly enough, the other perks followed suit and came anyway.

5. Invest dearly in your people

The people around you will make or break you. That is a given, and you need to work tirelessly to choose wisely. When you choose, you need to grow them with tact, consistency and with an immense level of detail. If you crack this right, you will thrive in a way that you cannot imagine.

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