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BIRMINGHAM, UK – David is the co-founder of Hamilton Property Partners, strategist, and investor.  He helps people understand, navigate and succeed in property investing. From finding properties to the funding of projects. Together with his business partner and wife, David Hamilton is changing the way families, professionals, and entrepreneurs think. He is transforming people’s views about money and investment. Moreover, Hamilton helps individuals maximize their earnings through investing in property.

Exclusive Interview with David Hamilton

Q1: Why did you start investing in property?

A:  I always wanted to get into property investing; my dad has some rental properties. However, the turning point for me was the dissatisfaction I got from my job as a civil engineer. As my family expanded, I knew I have to make a change in order to support them. I needed to provide them with the quality of life I envisioned.

Q2: What is the first thing that a person who is not familiar with property investment should know? 

A: It starts with the right questions. You need to be clear on what your strategy is so that you can achieve your goal. Depending on your personal and financial circumstances, you may be looking to replace your income by “Buying-to-Rent” properties. This gives you a passive income every month. If you have no capital, you may be looking at building a pot of money by “Buying-to-Sell” properties. You can also sell property deals to other investors.

You then need to know the difference between; Residential Mortgages for your home, and Buy-to-Let Mortgages for rental properties. The banks assess you in a different way because they want to see that the property will make enough profit to pay the mortgage. As opposed to you paying it off of your personal income.

Also, you need to understand that there are different ways to buy properties; you can buy cash, and you can make money in property using very little or no money. It is also useful to know how creative you can get in acquiring properties.

Start looking at the properties in the area that you live.

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Q3: Why is location important?

A: You tend to know who lives where, predict what they earn and what type of jobs they have. This helps you understand the demand for the type of properties in that area. It’s also more accessible. When you start in a different city, you have to find that information from scratch.

Q4: What is the first thing somebody can expect from you as a Property Coach?

A: Once I establish your personal and financial situation, the first thing you will be clear on is a strategy. This will dictate your target area because your strategy will not work everywhere. Finally, your strategy and your area determine the types of properties you are targeting.

Q5: Do you find that people get into real estate to make money or is it because they passionate about property investment? What is the mentality of a person who goes into property?

A: I think most people get into property investing to make money. It could be anything from being unable to achieve a lifestyle or financial security just from a job. The days of job security are gone, and a lot of people are recognizing that their futures are uncertain. Property is something that will always exist, people will always need homes and it’s a tangible asset. For me, my mentality was to provide for my family, but I grow, I want to change the lives of others. So, I use property investing to create wealth and opportunities for other people and their families.

Q6: At what point do you know your money is good to start investing long-term?

A: Financial education is key. I would say the best time to invest is now. However, if you are new to the investing world, you may not recognize that. To put this into context, the average returns you will receive from the banks in the UK is 1.5%, which is very little. If you put the same money into a property, you could see much higher returns of 15% – 30%, depending on the deal. When I coach my students, I take them through a step-by-step process for a safe, secure and profitable investment.

Q7: So, is this the Hamilton method?

A: No, I wouldn’t say so. But what does make me different is my focus on other people’s results. Whether you are a student, partner, or distressed homeowner. I want to know what your problem is so that I can see where I can help you. When I coach my students, I work with them on their mindset and influence their behavior to become a successful property investor.

Q8: What is the behavior that is required?

A: Discipline – to stay focused and use their time effectively. Resilience – they will get rejected a lot and this needs to be embraced. Perseverance, there are going to be really tough times when you may think, what have I got myself into? But you have to remain focused on your plan and bounce back from the bad days. A common excuse I hear from aspiring property investors is, “I don’t have enough time”. I work with them to show them how to make an efficient time.

Q9: How do you get people to create efficient time?

A: I highlight the fact that nobody has more or less than 24 hours per day but you choose to spend your time. For instance; What time do you wake up?  What time do they go to work? What time do they get back home? What time do they go to bed? etc. Then I will introduce ideas such as getting up 30 minutes earlier and 30 minutes later can give you an extra hour of daily productivity. It’s not about having a 5-hour block to work in your property business if your work life and family life will not allow that, but if you are focused on the small amounts of time you have, you will see change and get results.

Q10: Do you have a coach?

A: I have five coaches and wouldn’t be where I am without them, I’m so grateful to them. One of the reasons I am passionate about property investing is because found a way to change other people’s lives. As one of my coaches, Cherie Eilertsen put it, ask yourself “who am I not to share my knowledge with others wanting to get into property?” 

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Q11: Would you say it’s impossible to start growing and investing in property without a coach?

A: It is not impossible, just slow and riskier. My Coach JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth & business coach explains how coaching is the shortcut too success. This is what I am experiencing through my journey. Having direction from somebody who has finished your journey before, helps you to see the pitfalls ahead. It also gives you opportunities to learn from their mistakes too.

Q12: What is the difference between an investor who has a coach and one who has not had a coach?

A: An investor who doesn’t have a coach, doesn’t usually have a sound plan. It frustrates me when I speak to investors who don’t have coaches. They miss one of the most important rules which is: You make your money when you buy the property. Trying to get this message across to certain investors is a huge challenge. Investors who have coaches are innovative, open to change and experience rapid personal and professional growth.

Q13: Is there a short or longer-term relationship between you and your clients?

A: The coaching process is determined by the students, we are available as long as they need. There have been a couple of students who we have gone on to partner with on projects too. It depends on the needs of them and the opportunities that arise.

Q14: Where do people find you?

A: Our website is www.hamiltonpropertypartners.com, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook. I will be at Mega Business South Africa, where my wife and business partner Shervonne Hamilton will be speaking in August. As well as at Mega Success in Los Angeles this coming November.

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