From Engineer to Film Producer, Sankalp Shrivastava

MUMBAI, INDIA – I’m a qualified engineer, but my inclination toward a creative file let me to a lot of auditions for acting; but I never got the part. So I decided to make a feature film on my own, even though I had no idea how to.

My Journey to being a film producer

I worked as a professor to earn money and invested it in making the movie. At the same time, I got enrolled for part-time M.Tech. My evenings were for learning music-making, film editing, VFX, how to write script storytelling storyboarding and all related stuff.

People laughed at, nobody had faith that I could actually pull this off. But I continued to work hard for my dream and after 2.5 years, I shot half of the movie. Until most of the cast left me as there were delays. As a result, I started from scratch. Even my friends and family told me to drop this idea but I was relentless.

I wrote a new script with a new concept and auditioned artists and started shooting with the new cast. Right around the same time for thesis submission for Master’s Degree. And suddenly, I lost my job and my laptop with no back-up storage of all the videos and script. So again, I came to zero and lost everything. It took almost 4 years.

But at this time I learned a lot about film making and distribution movies. It almost broke me but I chose to stand firm and fulfill my dream. And this time, I am the Hero since the main actor left me. However, this forced me to change the script again.

The Dream Vs Challenges

Then I shoot again and this time I worked hard to make it distribute as in my film I was the hero unknown face with all new artists. No one was supporting my film to distribute. So I decided to distribute my film on my own and then I went to Mumbai and registered myself as producer-distributor. I talked to all theatres and showed them a trailer of the movie.

After a toil, one of the theatre managers agreed to show my film on a private show. I placed posters of my film in my city and upload the trailer to UFO. When the trailer got released, famous film local distributors wanted to work with me. At the same time, I submitted my thesis and got 1st division, successfully getting a Master’s qualification.

It was not so easy for me when everything got decided, even the release date of my film was moved when all edited data got crushed. Being new in this field, I did very silly mistakes most of the time and I reached a point where I have to edit my whole film again with the initial level. I went to Mumbai before 3 days prior to the film being released and hired a studio to edit.

In the studio system and software was new for me but I asked him to allow me to edit on their system. Then I watched tutorials on how to operate software and quickly get an idea of how to deal as I spent 5 years to learn all related software. My film released at 4AM, I submitted my final edit film all authorities denied releasing on the same day as they have a procedure for quality check and all.

Not Giving Up!

I went through all the tough fights and after a delay of one day, UFO informed me that after 1 hour your video and audio synchronized mismatch at some point. My friends and relatives message all congratulated me as they thought the film would be released but I knew that it had an editing error.

I asked UFO to release the film with a mismatched soundtrack. They denied then I told my story to them and asked them to please help me to fulfill my dream. After a lot of convincing, they allowed me to sign they asked me to sign a poor quality letter and some official documents.
It was only then that the film got finally released.

I watched my film with my family in the theatre. Now I can proudly say that if u have a dream keep your breath Alive!

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