Khalid Machchate, Tech Entrepreneur changing Africa

MOROCCO – Khalid Machchate builds startup ecosystems across Africa. They leverage the power of the diaspora, investors, and accelerators to help local founders thrive. He formerly served as the Regional Director for DEMO Africa, where he enabled a number of African startups to secure their first contracts. As well as gain access to a network of incubators and financial institutions that have helped to raise up to 70 million USD in funding support. 

Why Khalid is a Tech Entrepreneur

Machchate’s passion for building startup ecosystems in their nascent phases stems from his own journey and success. As a startup founder: Skillearn, a blended learning platform he exited later to a large international foundation.  As well as SOS Santé, an e-health startup operating on road accident detection and medical emergency information transfer. Also, an internationally recognized IoT product, particularly oriented and deployed in the Africa and Middle East regions. And finally K&W Technologies, a consulting & training group specializing in digital transformation and disruptive technologies; strategic integration with large corporates and government clients across the EMEA regions.

To his credit, he was won over twenty awards and was recognized for his thought leadership, and policy expertise around startups and future of work in Africa by agencies including the G20, World Bank, WSA, UN Agencies, WGS, and Ashoka.   It’s no surprise that Khalid is also a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Achiever, class of 2019, in Technology. 

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