Terence Mathe, Successfully Keeping Zimbabwe Clean

ZIMBABWE – Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Achiever, Terence Mathe, is the Co-founder of Southern Incineration Services (SISCO). A business that started with a Ford Bantam and waste. Ever wondered what happens to the used syringes, gloves and cotton swabs when you leave the hospital? Well, Terence provides a  solution to that problem.

Terence & SISCO

SISCO is Zimbabwe’s largest private provider of incineration services of bio-medical and other waste. They currently run 3 incineration plants strategically dotted across Zimbabwe, with a combined capacity of handling over 600 kgs of waste per hour. Having started with a local clinic, today SISCO handles various types of waste. Such as comprising confidential documentation, branded apparel, contraband and expired drugs among other medical and hazardous types of waste. SISCO counts Zimbabwe’s leading private hospitals, funeral parlors, ambulance services, cleaning companies, office parks and embassies as clients. With 15 employees and operating from 7 cities and towns across Zimbabwe.

5 Business Lessons of Terence

1. Own your dream

I have the vision for the business and I believe in it. That way when I speak to a potential client, it is easier to convince them as I am convinced myself.

2. Success is intentional 

Nothing happens by chance so stay ready.  Preparation gets you closer to your goals.

3. Success takes time 

While there are some overnight success stories, most people took years to reach their goals so be prepared to put in the hours and stay the course. Southern Incineration is now the market leader but it took us 4 years to get here.

4. Stay curious

There is always someone trying to bring some new technology or way of doing business that could disrupt your business model. Always keep ahead of your industry. We are always introducing new products to our clients even before they ask for them, that way we keep them signed up as they see value in maintaining the business relationship.

5. Be flexible and listen to your clients

And then follow where they take you. I started off handling bio-medical waste from hospitals, now I handle confidential documents from embassies and help tax authorities and municipalities destroy counterfeit and confiscated goods. I listened to the market and gave them services that met their needs.

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