Terence Mathe, Successfully Keeping Zimbabwe Clean

ZIMBABWE – Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Achiever, Terence Mathe, is the Co-founder of Southern Incineration Services (SISCO). A business that started with a Ford Bantam and waste. Ever wondered what happens to the used syringes, gloves and cotton swabs when you leave the hospital? Well, Terence provides a  solution to that problem. Please follow and like us:

Khalid Machchate, Tech Entrepreneur changing Africa

MOROCCO – Khalid Machchate builds startup ecosystems across Africa. They leverage the power of the diaspora, investors, and accelerators to help local founders thrive. He formerly served as the Regional Director for DEMO Africa, where he enabled a number of African startups to secure their first contracts. As well as gain access to a network of incubators and financial institutions that…

David Hamilton’s, Authority Property Investor

BIRMINGHAM, UK – David is the co-founder of Hamilton Property Partners, strategist, and investor.  He helps people understand, navigate and succeed in property investing. From finding properties to the funding of projects. Together with his business partner and wife, David Hamilton is changing the way families, professionals, and entrepreneurs think. He is transforming people’s views about money and investment. Moreover,…

Sydney Scott Sam, branding Africa, successfully

GHANA – Sydney Scott Sam is one of Ghana’s leading brand strategists and public speaker. He is considered a change-maker and recently honored by Forbes Africa 30 under 30,  as a list maker for 2019. The 26-year-old entrepreneur is committed to transforming narratives about Africa through his brand engagement firm Workspace Global. Please follow and like us:

Adetola Nola, Nigerian Real Estate Change-Maker

NIGERIA – Recently named Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30, Adetola Nola is the Founder and CEO of Veritasi Homes Limited.  The young and innovative real estate entrepreneur has positive energy and instrumental in redefining success in the Nigerian real estate industry. Please follow and like us:

Mark Pancis impacting lives, from Austria to Hollywood

Hi I’m Mark Pancis, born and raised in Schwechat, Austria.  I moved to Vienna four years ago when I was 18 years old. Currently, I’m a film producer and actor;  own 4 businesses as well as model.  My  journey has had many ups and downs.  It all started with a decision. In this article, I will share with you some…

Greg JC Granier, How To Speak, Win, Repeat

FRANCE – Hi, my name is Gregory JC Granier from France.  I am a two-time top scoring speaker at the JT Foxx global events consecutively; in South Africa and Los Angeles, USA.   Not only I am a speaker and speaker coach specializing in teaching prospective speakers how to guarantee success through stage seduction.  I believe in giving people value…